NAPB Borlaug Scholars Donations


Thank you for supporting the NAPB Borlaug Scholars travel grant and scholarship program. This program will enhance the recruitment, encouragement, talent development, scientific learning, and professional opportunities for our future plant breeders, scientist, and leaders in plant improvement. It greatly supports the institutions who train such talent and employ them.  And, it enhances the careers of professionals who mentor and donate their time and money to these emerging student leaders. Your contributions enable a bright future for plant breeding, a noble profession that supports all of us who depend on plants and agriculture.

NAPB has partnered with ASF in creating this new Fund, because of the long history of successfully hosting the Golden Opportunity Scholars Fund for the tri-societies with minimal overhead expense. Commonly, NAPB is well represented among the ASF board members, as many NAPB plant breeders are simultaneously members of CSSA and/or ASA. The ASF experience provides a great advantage in making the most of your donations because funds will be invested conservatively to grow with this program until used to support students. Without the support of donors like you, this program will not be sustainable into the future.

Therefore, you are taken to this ASF page to make your donation to the NAPB Borlaug Scholars Fund. To make your donation click on the Donate Now button below, you will be asked to loginYour donation may be tax deductible, since NAPB is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. You will receive a receipt for your donations.

If you prefer to make a donation to the NAPB priority fund (for general use) supporting all expenses and activities of NAPB, you can do that directly through NAPB, not ASF.

Thank You for your generosity and “paying it forward” to support the future of Plant Breeding!! Your contributions are critical to successfully launching our new NAPB Borlaug Scholars Fund!

Donn Cummings, NAPB Borlaug Scholars Committee, Chair

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